A travers ce cours en anglais, vous découvrirez les différentes stratégies et méthodes de la publicité et notamment des stratégies publicitaires internationales. Vous aborderez avec Samuel Cranston les questions de la créativité, des émotions dans la publicité, de l’éthique, des stratégies de vente et bien plus encore.

Module 130min

Introduction to the Advertising Sector

In this module, we will introduce some basic advertising terminology and address the issue of « false friends » between English and French. We will also explain the roles of major players in the advertising sector.

Module 230min

The Communication Mix

This module will describe the full range of media and communication tools, both on- and offline, that can be exploited in marketing communications, and how they interact.

We will explain the correlation between media cost and audience size with examples, and we will look at some national differences regarding media opportunities and constraints.

Module 330min

The Agency Sector: The Dark Side of the Moon

In this module, we will look at the major advertising agencies and media agencies, and the holding companies they belong to.

We will see how these agencies, largely unknown to the general public, achieved international status to become the global networks they are today.

Module 430min

Advertising Investment Worldwide

This module will deal with the money invested in advertising by companies and their brands throughout the world. We will look at how advertising investment, often called adspend, is measured, how companies fix their ad budgets and how these sums relate to sales.

We will also see how adspend over the years reflects the level of country development and the reality of media trends in our society.

Module 530min

Creativity in Advertising

This module explores the subject of creativity in advertising, its purpose and the different areas in advertising where creativity comes into play.

Module 630min

Creativity, Effectiveness, and Advertising Awards

This chapter deals with the link between advertising creativity and effectiveness, and takes a close look at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and the purpose of this prestigious event for the advertising industry.

Module 730min

Truth and "Lies" in Advertising

This module explains how advertising often uses a clever combination of truth and « lies », especially when resorting to creative storytelling to enhance the effectiveness of the message.

Module 830min

Hard Selling versus Soft Selling

This module will introduce the notion of « hard selling » and « soft selling » in advertising. We will explain the theory behind the two schools, and will look at today’s trends with regards to advertising style.

Module 930min

Brand Differentiation through Emotion-Driven Advertising

This module will explain how emotion-driven advertising can create strong brand differentiation in the global context of increasing product parity.

Module 1030min

Brand Control in the Online Environment

In this module, we will explore how the advent of Internet and social media platforms have radically changed the media environment with regards to brand control and consumer expression.

Module 1130min

Ethics in Advertising

In this module, we will look at the different areas in advertising where ethics comes into play, and also explore the cultural nuances regarding moral value systems that modify the perception of ethics.

Module 1230min

Advertising Regulations Worldwide

This module will answer the following questions: why do we regulate advertising? Who regulates and how? And what areas are subject to regulation? We will also explore the differences across countries and look at the global trends.

Module 1330min

Decoding Verbal Language in the International Context

This module will deal with all the types of verbal language in both written and spoken form, and the implications with regards to advertising in an international context.

Module 1430min

Decoding Non-Verbal Language in the International Context

This module will deal with the wide array of non-verbal language forms of communication present in advertising. It will highlight the issue of message decoding in the international context, where misunderstanding or misinterpretation of non-verbal cues is often an unfortunate reality.

Module 1530min

Animals in Advertising

In this module, we will look at the different roles played by animals in advertising, and see how they can creatively add value to the message being communicated. Although most of the animal world tends to be perceived in much the same way across the world, which is an obvious bonus for international campaigns, there are several cases where animals represent very different values according to local cultures and should therefore be used with caution when advertising in foreign markets.

Module 1630min

The 4 Approaches to International Advertising (1/2): Ethnocentric, Polycentric

In this module, we will study ethnocentrism and polycentrism, two of the international organisational structures of the so-called EPRG framework relating to decision-making, and see how they influence advertising strategy worldwide for companies and their brands.

Module 1730min

The 4 Approaches to International Advertising (2/2): Regiocentric, Geocentric

In this module, we will study the regiocentric and geocentric approaches to international marketing, and see how they influence advertising strategy worldwide for companies and their brands.

Module 1830min

The Pros and Cons of Advertising Standardisation

This module will look the nuances of globalisation in advertising, and consider the positive and negative aspects of standardisation.

Module 1930min

The Different Levels of Advertising Standardisation

In this module, we will study the different stages involved in planning and implementing advertising in the international context. We will consider the different levels of advertising standardisation, from the strategic positioning all the way through to the creative executions themselves.

Module 2030min

Designing an International Advertising Campaign from A to Z

This module will take you through the different stages involved in planning, implementing and controlling a global advertising campaign.


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